Monday, December 13, 2004

:: adgruntie :: Yucky marketer of the year

+ So Ad Age has named McDonald's as Marketer of the Year. Ugh. Come on people at Crain...there had to have been a better choice than them. I mean, Target, Burger King, Dove, HP, Chevy and others have done a much better job than McDonald's, in my opinion. Larry Light claims, "In fact, advertising awareness of 'i'm lovin' it' in our top ten countries recently reached 86% -- another sign that we're connecting with customers like never before." Um, just because people are aware of the campaign doesn't mean that they like it or that it's doing any good getting more people into the stores. The other fact of that is because of their nauseating media blitz that they forced upon consumers, we had no choice but to come to the conclusion that "I'm lovin it" is for McDonalds. But their lame ads like the Superbowl "Dryer Sheet" and a slew of other subpar ads does not mean that everyone is "lovin' it." The whole thing makes me feel about as sick as I do after eatting any of their retched food.

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