Wednesday, January 26, 2005

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+ Irn-Bru streaker ad gets them into hot water with ASA. The issue that the ASA had with the ad was that it ran during what some considered a kids programme, so now they are only allowed to air the post after 9pm. Funny, didn't Nike do a streaker ad that took place on a football pitch as well? Badlander? Maybe.
Either way, check out AdLand for Streakers on the Run in Ads for the full scoop and a walk down memory lane of streakers in adverts.

+ Looks like VW is still promising to sue the VW polo suicide ad creators. Strange that VW can't find them. Especially if they created the ad to show to their ad agency- someone, somewhere must have a business card they left behind.

+ Are you an AdLand fan? Then you should go vote for it in fistful of euros' European weblog awards, The Satin Pajama awards.

+ Vandalizing pages is FUN! Graffiti on the web. (Hat tip Dab)

+ AIGA launches an impressive online archive with four years' worth of award-winning work, including the 50 Books/50 Covers competition. The archive will eventually include all selections dating back to 1980, so keep checking in for updates. Sweet. (hat tip to Tracy).

+ Apparently, these guys want to be like CPB. (Found via Brand New.)

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