Wednesday, January 05, 2005

:: adgruntie :: Happy New Year, a few days late

+ Dove's great campaign has been accused of air brushing their real models.
Dove Firming campaign: advertiser insisted the women had 'minimal make-up and styling'
 Beauty brand Dove today denied the photos used in its ground-breaking advertising campaign last year were airbrushed to make the women with "real curves" more attractive.

Abigail Storms, the UK brand manager for Dove, used today's launch of the brand's latest ad campaign to deny long-standing industry rumours that the pictures, which featured ordinary women in plain, white underwear, had been digitally altered.

"What many people don't believe is that none of those women were airbrushed or retouched in any way," Ms Storms said.

She also insisted that the six women who modelled for the press and television adverts for the Dove Firming range had "minimal makeup and styling".

One magazine beauty editor, who did not want to be named, said rumours of the pictures being retouched had spread widely through the beauty industry after the campaign broke last March. She added they had never been proven.
Strange. Is someone jealous? Or is there a basis for this? I can't imagine that with an ad campaign that is based on honesty- yes honesty- that there would be any reason for Dove or Ogilvy to put something that is so basic to their new direction under wraps.
Maybe the idea that women who aren't stick thin aren't covered in celullite and whatever else beauty editors feel they should dictate as beauty is frightening and scary. I don't know.

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