Saturday, January 08, 2005

:: adgruntie :: No ass on FUX during Super Bowl

+ Thanks to FUX you won't be seeing Mickey Rooney's bare bum during the Super Bowl (see link for still from the ad.)
The network rejected a cold remedy commercial that includes a brief shot of the 84-year-old actor's behind, said Fox Sports spokesman Lou D'Ermilio.
"Our standards department reviewed the ad, and it was deemed inappropriate for broadcast television," he said.
The commercial for the over-the-counter product Airborne is set in a sauna and depicts Rooney panicking when someone coughs. His towel drops as he rushes out, revealing his rear.
FUX claims that the decision isn't based upon last year's "nipple-gate" but is a part of their usual standards and practices. Which seems odd to me. Not that I want to see the ass of an 84-year old man. I mean, really who does?
Rider McDowell, co-owner of Carmel-based Airborne Inc., also defended the ad Friday: "There's nothing titillating about this spot, nor was there intended to be a sexual aspect to it." He continued on to say, "We had to come up something sensational that would leave people with a lingering buzz or chuckle," he said. "To edit that out would be to emasculate the ad somewhat."
Sensational? Funny? Please. More like disgusted and nauseated. Beyond the fact that FUX does seem to have strange standards and practices- considering the stuff they air on their channel- they probably made the right move to keep the public from throwing up their buffalo chicken wings and chips and dip. Then again, I'm sure there would be a percentage of the viewers who would find it amusing. Most likely the same viewers that found Bud's farting donkey spot from last year funny would get a laugh out of seeing an old man's ass.

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