Thursday, February 17, 2005

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+ John Kuraoka points out this interesting article about advertising and multi-racial portrayals of family and friends in ads. According to the article, advertising shows more diversity compared to reality.
"Often, advertising doesn't reflect reality-- everyone is beautiful and pretty and thin, so a lot of advertising is very unrealistic," said Sonya A. Grier, a marketing professor at Stanford University. "It's always been something that reflects our aspirations, what we can be."
I can't say that's a bad thing to have aspirations of.

+Sharp Creative rants about assrants backpeddling on one of his posts about A&F and the spoof ads that some people are talking about. Pretty funny stuff. See, when you make a mistake it's always best to admit it (like Ernie did here in regards to the MAAD spoof website, as previously mentioned here, which I give him props for doing), rather than pretending it didn't happen. Especially when there's evidence to go around, like cache files and screendumps. ;) What's even funnier is that assrants didn't feel like it was necessary to backtrack on the post about MAAD, even though as we mentioned before, there is a spoiler on the webpage he links to. My guess - you can't get sued by a spoof site. Although it does make me wonder how he gets called "one of the web's most influential bloggers". heh. Always good for a laugh I guess.

+ Creative Generalist has a great post with an excerpt from a Fast Company transcript, Jonesing for Soda, with Jones Soda founder Peter van Stolk sharing a few useful branding insights. Peter sure does have some great ideas for how to brand and run a company.

+ Researcher points to an article about streaming media and what to consider when creating interactive ads.
When designing interactive ads, the question that should be at the top of the checklist is "How can this offer benefit the consumer?" While there are apparently many possible answers, they're limited to a surprisingly small handful of responses.
The article continues to go into detail on what those responses should/could be.

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