Tuesday, March 01, 2005

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+ Coke's press release states that they will have a new campaign to launch their Coke with Lime. Ugh. Their press release also states that "The launch of Coca-Cola with Lime follows the successful roll out one year ago of Diet Coke with Lime, which has become the #1 flavored diet cola in America." Yuck. That was one of the most foul things I have tasted. It's all chemically tasting. Personally I prefer the Diet Pepsi Lemon Twist or even much better is the Diet Pepsi Wild Cherry. Now that is fantastic.

Anyway, the line for their campaign is "We put the lime in the Coke, you nut!". *GROAN* Took me a minute to get the lime in the coconut reference I think they are attempting to make. The ads were created by Berlin Cameron, New York and will break March 7th during "American Idol". The campaign also has outdoor executions too.

+ From the Press Release:
Taking a page from the Internet bloggers' playbook, public policy advocates at Consumers Union this week are releasing an animated satire of the drug industry -- "The Drugs I Need" -- to get Americans' attention about the need for safer, more effective and affordable prescription drugs.

The satire song is being released through the Internet and radio stations as the U.S. Senate holds hearings on the safety of prescription drugs. After viewing the animation, consumers can send an email to Congress asking members to support a bipartisan bill introduced Monday requiring drug companies to make all their studies public so physicians and consumers know about potentially harmful side effects.

"Right now, drug companies can hide negative study results from the public, leaving doctors and patients in the dark about potentially harmful side effects," said Rob Schneider, director of Consumers Union's http://www.PrescriptionforChange.org campaign. "If consumers let their voices be heard through this effort, we can convince Congress to make that information public."

The animated song, created by the Texas bluegrass band the Austin Lounge Lizards, is a humorous take on drug companies' billion-dollar marketing budgets, the sometimes serious side effects associated with blockbuster drugs, and the high costs Americans pay.

To watch the film go here or go to www.PrescriptionforChange.org (Avaliable in windows, quicktime and real player.)

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