Thursday, April 21, 2005

:: adgruntie :: Ad/Mtking execs have messiest desks

+ A press release from a study conducted by Lexmark UK has found that advertising and marketing people tend to have the messiest desks.
The worst professionals for paper hoarding were advertising & marketing executives, with an average of 163 pieces of paper on their desks at any one time. 17% admitted they couldn't actually see their desk tops beneath the clutter.

Conversely, civil servants led the most clutter-free existence, with an average paper count of just 114 sheets. 13% of accountants confessed it can take them up to ten minutes to find a valuable document on their desk.

The messiest professionals, ranked by the state of their desks were:

1.     Marketing/Advertising executives
2.     IT Professionals
3.     Legal Workers
4.     Accountants
5.     Civil Servants

Surprisingly, the fewer the number of employees in a company, the more paper each employee had on their desks...
I'm not really surprised though. I know I go through phases where my desk looks like a tree exploded all over it. ;-)

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