Monday, April 18, 2005

:: adgruntie :: Celebs for drugstore brands

+ Garnier pays Heather Graham to shill hair color. I saw one of the ads over the weekend and I had to wonder, does anyone really believe that celebrities actually color their hair with the product?

With the wads of cash that these folk have, picturing them at home, donning plastic gloves and sitting in a bathroom that's probably the size of many entire houses seems very comical. I have a hard time believing such stuff. Are we to suspend all reality and really not think that they go to the trendiest of hair salons? Perhaps they hand a box of the hair coloring brand they shill to their stylists to do it for them. ;-)

Are we so enamored with celebrities that we'll line up for anything they shill, just because they're in an ad for a product you'd probably never see them using? Even with Mabelline and Revlon ads, the thinking consumer has to ponder if the celebs they round up for their ads actually use drugstore brand cosmetics and hair color. Or maybe it's just me being cynical. It is Monday after all.

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