Tuesday, April 12, 2005

:: adgruntie :: Goin' back to game shows

+ The NYTimes reports on a new trend in advertising...going back to TV game shows to promote products and services. The twist is that the majority of the examples they use in the article are actual advertisements that spoof the game show genre-not so much the same way that game shows of yore pimped the products.

Thankfully one of these brands is Orbitz with a new game show campaign replacing that horrid "don't think twice" campaign that ran for way way too long. Crappy animation, crappy/annoying jingle. Instead we'll get to see Wink Martindale host the "imaginary "Take On Orbitz" game show mimicking his old-school appearance, down to the dated flashing lights and sliding doors on the set as well as the corny cheers of the make-believe audience." The campaign is by Y&R Chicago. Good or not, I can't say until I see it, but I welcome the change!

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