Saturday, May 28, 2005

:: adgruntie :: Saatchi&Saatchi takes Crest to the polls

+ A new advertising campaign for Crest Whitening Expressions "mocks the great political ads of the past few elections." One :30 and three :15s show people supporting the different toothpaste flavors and at the end viewers are directed to Crest's site to vote themselves. After these three air there's a fourth spot
"Man of the Street" imitates exit poll coverage in which a news reporter interviews people on street about their choice of toothpaste flavor. "I thought voting for president was really important, but this is really something," a man states. Another woman reveals that she's a Lemon Ice supporter, but her husband backs Sweet Berry Punch and "that's why we have separate bathrooms." A Hispanic man proudly states that he's the first person in his family to be able to vote for toothpaste.
Further ads feature fake news spots with pundits jabbering on about what they think the results will be. The ads were done by Saatchi & Saatchi/New York and was created by copywriters Larry Cadman and Steven Landsberg and art director Leslie Sweet.

Sounds kinda crap to me. Granted I suppose if it's well done, it could be ok. I think after last year's election, and all the spoof ads we saw come out of that, I got rather sick of the concept. Maybe without all the other ads out there spoofing elections it might stand out a bit more even if it's becoming an overused concept. At least it's got to be better than their prior ads with the ever so annoying Emeril Lagasse!

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