Wednesday, June 01, 2005

:: adgruntie :: More on the death of the :30

+ Newsweek's June 6th issue has an article pondering whether the 30-second spot is obsolete.
Advertising insiders concede that these new formats will not deliver the massive audiences of prime-time network TV. So they theorize that most companies will soon target multiple, smaller pools of consumers—on TV, on the Web, over cell phones and, yes, even in hotel rooms. The key will be finding audiences that are interested in the product to begin with. Fulfilling this vision will require significant changes in the ad industry.
True. It will take some changes but more targeted ads isn't a bad thing. You'd be hitting people more willing to listen to your message. Which is what advertising as tried to do for a long time. So, in the long run perhaps this will just make media plans that much more effective.

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