Thursday, June 02, 2005

:: copy :: Long or short?

+ It's a common debate. Long or short copy? We recently had a discussion about this on adlist. And I'm not quite sure one is really "better" than the other. It's what communicates the information and works for the ad, the concept, and audience you're trying to reach which should win out. Not making a long copy ad for the sake of doing so, or negating longer copy because of whatever reason. And in a strange coincidence, I came across this article today.
Viacom Outdoor is challenging young creatives to tackle the debate over whether short or long copy is more effective, with a copywriting competition that aims to grab the attention of the bored commuter and offer the winner a free run of cross-track ads. The Copywriting Goes Underground competition asks creatives to write a long-copy poster for one of their clients with a minimum of 50 words. But the competition rules warn that "to capture and captivate consumers through crafted long copy, a few more words may be in order". Deadline is June 10th.

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