Saturday, September 24, 2005

:: adgruntie :: Sears is cool?

+ Y&R breaks new campaign for Sears. Ad descriptions:
Shot in July and early August and launched after Labor Day, one of the ads features rapid-fire editing, split screens and percussion music that mostly zeroes in on appliances, digital cameras and other Sears strengths. A second ad, featuring time-lapsed photography, focuses on appliances as well as such soft goods as towels and dog beds.
But the ad most incongruous to what Sears traditionally represents in retail is a clothing ad that features young love blossoming over several months.
The spot, featuring a pop song by the Pernice Brothers and set in the early fall as it unfolds, shows a brunette woman walking down the street in her layered sleeveless tops. Through the magic of technology the woman appears in different outfits as the season gets colder and the leaves fall.
Meanwhile, a man who starts out as a passerby early in the spot ends up as her significant other by the time she's bundled up in her new coat.
One thing that I always find strange about fashion retailers is...well check out this quote:
"We wanted to make sure that people know, without saying `fall,' that it's getting cooler, and that's a reason to change your wardrobe," Case said. "And they think of Sears as a cool place."
Don't people know it's getting colder? How stupid do you think your consumers are if you have to remind them that summer weather is ending and it's going to get colder? I also think that they are asking way, way too much for people to think of Sears as "a cool place". It's just not going to happen.

These ads use "Cooler Every Day" as a tagline for the campaign which will go away in November when the holiday ads start airing.

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