Monday, September 05, 2005

:: sidetrack :: Proof PayPal Sucks

+ Adland points out that Something Awful raised donations over $20,000 to go to the Red Cross to help victims of Katrina. PayPal has closed the account, freezing the funds. Why? From SomethingAwful:
"we have received more than one report about suspicious behaviour from your buyers" says paypal. SA response: I AM NOT SELLING A SINGLE THING. What part of "donation" is difficult to understand? I even selected "donation" on Paypal's site when generating a link for this website.
Are you kidding me? Shit. This isn't funny at all. Apparently this is flying all over the internet community...hopefully it will get some media press too because this is unacceptable.

For more check out the adland link and SomethingAwful's site.

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