Thursday, October 27, 2005

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+ First lack of posts of late has to do with the fact that I'm helping out over at Adland a bit more than usual and it's eating up a lot of time...which means, dear readers, that I haven't been getting a chance to post here. If you find no new posts...pop over to AdLand to get your fix.

OK, so I came across this most pointless article today. Media Life Magazine interviewed some woman from MediaAnalyzer Software and Research who conducted a survey to see if sex does sell. Could they have wasted any more of their money? First their "research group" was only 400 people...that all that large of a pool to get accurate results. Secondly, their findings were already known (63 percent of men said sexual ads have high stopping power, while 58 percent of women said there is too much sex in TV advertising) and have been tested in much more accurate manners before.

What I find the most amusing about the article is that all the more interesting questions the reporter asks, they didn't bother to ask those questions or do any research on. (Also funny is the fact that they write an article that uses the word sex throughout it, but they are too chicken to put it into the headline!)

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