Wednesday, January 25, 2006

:: adgruntie :: Samsung doesn't get women

+ Yes marketers, product designers....guess what? Just because it's pink doesn't mean it's going fly off the shelves. I think I'm going to start a mini series on this. So here's a quickie, to whet your appetite.
I came across this post at tamponblog (which rather ironically uses pink in the layout) on the Samsung E530 mobile phone.
Here's snip from Samsung's press release for their pink phone:
Want to know the real bit of fun with this feminine phone? A sub-menu in the applications section called ‘Women’s Life’. As you would expect to find, there are all sorts of things for the ladies in there – everything from the things you might like to know (such as the fragrance that best suits your personality) to things you’d prefer to forget (like your percentage body fat).

The Samsung E530 ‘Women’s Life’ includes:
Fragrance type: Are you lovable and soft? Then the sweet, fruity scent is for you.
Biorhythm: Find out the status of your physical, emotional and intellectual being on a daily or monthly basis. It even predicts how you’ll look and feel tomorrow!
Height/weight ratio: Simply plug in your height and weight to find out how you rate…if you dare.
Calories: Now that the Atkins is out, keep count of your calorie intake with this tracker.
Pink Schedule: This phone will even keep track of your cycle, telling you when it’s the best time to conceive…or when to avoid it.
Shopping list: Let your phone keep record of what you need to buy, how many you need and how much it’ll cost… but you will have to actually do the shopping yourself!
Excuse me??? WTF? This is incredibly insulting. What year is it? Geez.

Excuse me, I have to hie to the kitchen to be barefoot and pregnant. ;)

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