Tuesday, January 24, 2006

:: adgruntie :: Singletons should not be ignored

+ Intellagencia.com reports that advertisers are ignoring singletons, according to a report by Carat.
The report, called Singledom, goes on to say that "advertisers who exploit the opportunity singles present will find themselves one step ahead of the competition and ideally positioned to secure loyalty as a singles innovator".

Other key findings from the report, which marks the second phase of Carat's £100,000 Project Britain study, include:

* Two thirds of singletons believe they have more money to spend on themselves as a result of being single

* Forty-three percent of singletons live alone, increasing demand for accommodation, household items, mortgages, home entertainment and new technology such as PVRs, iPods and computers

* Singletons are likely to be "whimsical" spenders and admit to 'spending money without thinking', 'buying things on impulse', 'buying the latest fashion brands/styles available' and 'buying things I don't need'

* 2006 will be the year when this group reaches critical mass, representing 30 percent (14.2 million) of the 16 to 64 year-old population. By 2010, this number is predicted to rise to 17 million

* Singles indexed well above the national average in terms of buying the newest fashion brands/styles available and following latest trends

* Singletons live for the short-term, while committed adults plan ahead and save money
Intersting stuff.

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