Tuesday, January 17, 2006

:: superbowl xl :: AT&T gets in on the game

+ AT&T plans to air a commercial that will "unveil" the global network customers never see, the company is set to announce today.
The 30-second spot uses special effects to make the world look transparent - revealing AT&T's hidden telecom network. It will air nationally during the Super Bowl pre-game coverage between the coin toss and kick-off, AT&T execs told the Daily News.

The same commercial will also run during the game in the 13 states served by the former SBC, which are primarily in the Midwest, the West and Connecticut.

The high-tech ad is part of a massive AT&T campaign created by ad agencies GSD&M and Rogers Townsend, that kicked off on New Year's Eve.

Already being called the most ambitious ad blitz of the year, the AT&T spots feature rock group Oasis singing "All Around the World" and have the tag line "Your World. Delivered."
Let's hope it will be less "yawn" inducing than what they're airing now. ;)

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