Thursday, February 09, 2006

:: adgruntie :: Job placement idiots

+ Le Sigh. A couple weeks ago I ranted about stupid job placement type companies. I got a new one related for today. Actually this is old. I had been getting emails about art director/designer jobs sent to me from this "job placement" type company. Now, their job is to find employees for their clients as well as find work for their freelance clients/fulltime searchmonkeys. Why the fuck do they need to be sending out mass emails to people who are signed up with them, for jobs that aren't a fit, so that the people they "work with" will find them a person to get them the money they make for finding a new hire or freelancer?? Why the hell should I be doing their job?

To top it off, I asked to be taken off this list that they use. And for a while I wasn't recieving anything.

If you can't should be in the business. Don't you dare ask me to do your job for you. Talk about lazy fucks.

Perhaps I'd be less irked about it if this place actually ever called me with a gig. Oh wait, maybe they did once. Thing is I went and interviewed, after reading about a job opening they had. Yet, after I went though the dance of filing out paper work and whatnot, they never told me about the job, nor told me they were sending my information over for the job or anything. So maybe they should only ask people they've actually found work for to help them find candidates.

I'm very tempted to tell them to fuck off and remove my information from their data center. I mean, really, besides these annoying and STUPID emails, what's the point of being affiliated with them in any way? I've been warned against using them. I was told how horridly they pay and their "service" sucked.


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