Tuesday, February 07, 2006

:: superbowl :: The hangover after the commericals

+ Well, it's over. After weeks of digging up info for AdLand and a crazy weekend, it's over. How did it turn out? Well, let's say there have been better years, although among the ho-hum and average stuff I saw a few things I liked and that stood out:
FedEd "Stick"
Dove "Self-Esteem" (although that arm-raise "yes" thing was total cheese)
Budweiser "Card Tricks"
Degree "Stunt City"
BK "Whopperettes"
Diet Pepsi spots were above average
Bud Light good, and typical

People who should be tarred and feathered (well, not really) for airing ads:
Taco Smell
Slim Fast
Mercedes Benz
Westin Hotels & Resorts - "Breathe"
Outback SteakHouse

Interesting to note that all these were last minute buys (I believe, if not all most of them)so I guess they just threw on whatever creative they had...as there wasn't time for them to create anything for the Super Bowl.

AdLand admins reviewed the spots (yes, I'm one of them) and you should start there. I'm going to attempt to do a indepth critque thing here too (if i have time) of at least some spots.

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