Monday, March 06, 2006

:: adgruntie :: Add some tragedy to your next campagin

+ Over at Media Guardian, Naresh Ramchandani rants about the lack of tragedy in advertising.
But tragedy and brands are not comfortable bedfellows. Brands need to be positive, so sadness, regret, frustration and longing tend not feature in their advertising.That's not a happy state of affairs. Advertising is missing a trick. I was schooled at early HHCL where the simple mantra was to produce advertising that was "different". Later, I read Jean-Marie Dru's book Disruption, where the mantra was to break conventions. If every ad tries to be funny, surely an immediate difference or disruption would be to try the opposite. A campaign of moving love stories for a tissue. Or if that's too obvious, then a perfume campaign about someone missing a lover, missing their scent.

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