Thursday, March 02, 2006

:: adgruntie :: Brands vs. generic

+ This article takes a look at brands vs. private labels in Australia. Some interesting brand-y points.
"Another challenge is that, until recently, Australian consumers have not been exposed to a wide range of high-quality private-label alternatives, but we are now starting to see this change," says ACNielsen Australia's communications manager, Deanie Sultana.

"Trust versus perceived risk is certainly a key component. Within Australia, private label enjoys the highest share in categories such as sugar, butter, paper napkins, flour and disposable cups and plates where many consumers appear to perceive little difference between branded and generic offerings. At the other end of the scale, private label has a very low share in categories such as incontinence products, cough and cold, skin care, razors and blades, batteries and soft drinks. It will be more difficult for private label to gain significant share in these types of categories," she says.

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