Wednesday, March 08, 2006

:: adgruntie :: Caddy folk "disgusted" with SB ad

+ Moderinsta! picks up some Caddy work.
Cadillac's Liz Vanzura was reportedly disgusted with the brand's Super Bowl spot that depicted the new 2007 Escalade in a fashion show. The ad apparently flopped in all the meters measuring how much the audience liked the commercial. In response to Cadillac's flailing marketing effort she has transferred the marketing duties for some of the brand’s models away from Leo Burnett, the agency responsible for the Super Bowl fumble, to an agency called Modernista.
Shame she wasn't smart enough to get them to come up with another idea. This ad was a good example of a brand really being so into itself that it misses connecting with it's target. If the folks at Leo fed the client this trite crap then they deserve to lose some of the business.

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