Wednesday, March 08, 2006

:: adgruntie :: Firefox Flicks

+ The folks at Firefox have created a FirefoxFlicks ad competition, which you might have seen on google. The creative brief looks for a unique 30-second film commercial that introduces Firefox to mom and pop. The spots will be judged by Jim Denault (Cinematographer), Scott Goodson (Founder/CCO StrawberryFrog), McG (Film/Television Director and Producer, Freddy Rodriguez (Actor), Geo Santini (Music Video Director), Ben Younger (Film Director), and Warren Zide (Film Producer).

Also interesting to note, the winning entry will automatically qualify as a Shortlist finalist in the 2006 New York Festivals of Advertising competition.

All in all it sounds pretty darn cool. Deadline is midnight March 31st.

(I've been horrid at keeping up with COJ emails/submissions. I feel terrible about that. Sorry to all you who have sent in news.)

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