Thursday, March 30, 2006

:: adgruntie :: New CocaCola campaign to break

+ Get ready. Coca Cola's "Coke Side of Life" campaign is ramping up and will probably be one of those campaigns where we are bombarded with frequency. Oh joy!
From the press release:
The first round of television spots in what will be a fully integrated, global campaign -- including digital components, promotions, properties, and new graphic treatments -- begins airing in the U.S. this weekend during broadcasts of the NCAA Final Four on CBS and American Idol on Fox. Simultaneously, outdoor and print executions will appear across the country and an extensive online campaign that features exclusive viral videos and other unique content will help dimensionalize The Coke Side of Life in the digital world.
"We live in a world where we make choices every day and The Coke Side of Life encourages people to make those choices positive ones," said Marc Mathieu, senior vice president for carbonated soft drink core brands, Marketing, Strategy and Innovation, The Coca-Cola Company. "This new campaign invites people to create their own positive reality, to be spontaneous, listen to their hearts and live in full color."
Coca-Cola has always been at its best when it reflects the simple, optimistic moments in life. The Coke Side of Life recognizes that the most universal experiences are those where Coca-Cola is refreshingly honest and uplifting.
Because the choice of sugar water is always better than real water, right? ;)
Although it may be slightly better than the Diet Coke "light it up" tag. I find it amazing that the company bought off on that.
Past poop on the campaign can be found at AdLand.

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