Tuesday, June 20, 2006

:: adgruntie :: Cleaning out the inbox

+ The Future of Advertising is Now. A very long but good article on the state of advertising. I'm still working my way through it.

Funny shop names. (Via lburns)

Arby's Chicken Naturals microsite has the TV spots for the campaign. A bit disturbing. I had seen the Joan Rivers one but not the Hulk Hogan spot. It's pretty good considering the target audience is probably the same as BK and Crispin are trying to pull into their stores. Speaking of which, the idea behind the Huckin Chicken microsite is great. As more visitors come through the site, it unlocks more videos. Nice.

Animator vs. Animation

5 words never to use in an ad: Quality, Value, Service, Caring, and Integrity.

How to kill creativity

Anti-spec article at Design Observer.

Brawny Academy - strange thing on this is that they decided not to stay with the fella from the dog and cake ad.

Panasonic has no bunny love - they want you to NeuterYourBunny.

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