Thursday, September 28, 2006

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+ The Boston Ad Club held the Hatch Awards last week and the winners are listed on their site. What I find sad about it is that they don't say what or who the campaign was for. Big minus points there Ad Club. Best of Show went to:
Arnold, Alan Pafenbach, Colin Jeffery, Luke Perkins, Anja Duering, Brandon Sides, Arnie Presiado, Julian Newman, Phillip Squier, Dave Weist, Chris Car, Pete Shamon, Mark Billows
For what?? That kind of silliness drives me batty.

One other thing to note is that this might just be the last year Arnold gives the other agencies a whipping, as this was the last Hatch show that they were able to enter VW work (now at CP+B) which typically dominated the awards. Even more dull to watch was the exact same ad in different sizes winning in different categories. I mean, yay to those who won, but from a entertainment/watching it standpoint, it would make me wish I was still holding my martini and munching on carrot sticks.

Good news locally for agencies:
Hill Holliday wins AOL creative account.
Arnold Worldwide wins $150 million Progressive account.

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