Thursday, September 07, 2006

:: adgruntie :: Do you trust ads?

+ A recent survey says Chinese don't trust advertisements.
The survey, sponsored by the China Consumers' Association, conducted the investigation among 12,927 netizens and found that two-thirds of them, or 67.8 percent, said they had been victimized by fake and illegal advertisements.

In the first half of this year, the association received 5,483 complaints about false advertising, which prompted the association to carry out the on-line survey, which ran from June 23 to Aug. 18 this year.

Small advertisements, which are posted outside on trees, walls or bus stops, were considered the least trustworthy. TV advertising ranked second most untrustworthy, and on-line advertising came third.

The respondents said medical products, health food and medicine were the most untrustworthy ads followed by beauty services and cosmetic products.

Meanwhile, 41.3 percent of the surveyed said the media that publishes advertisements should be held responsible for the consequences resulting from fake and illegal advertising. More than 32.6 fake advertisers should be banned from advertising.

Nearly 80 percent of the respondents believed that celebrities should also be held responsible for fake ads.

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