Tuesday, September 26, 2006

:: adgruntie :: Gift ideas and fun stuff

+ So here are some fun things I found at this site called WishingFish.com:

Abusive Stamps: I Haven't Got Time to Read This CRAP, This is F**KING URGENT,and Complete and Utter BULLS**T

Corporate Flashcards - Described as "Corporate Flashcards will get you "multisyllabizing" like a "results-driven" tycoon in mere days! Study alone or with a "team player", then embrace your "golden handcuffs" as you "blamestorm" your way "up the ladder"! Packed with all the emptiest jargon...

Found this little shop via humptydumpty

Also worth checking out is KnockKnock. Some fun things there for the corporate (or not so corporate) lifestyle.

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