Tuesday, September 26, 2006

:: adgruntie :: Why tout lame features?

+ I hate to gross out any of my male readers with this but it's seriously been bothering me since I first heard commercials for this. Tampax Pearl is touting that it's got a no slip grip. Ok, well this is a problem I've never encountered before. Is it that much of an issue that it is listed as a new feature? Or did someone at P&G who has probably never even used a tampon before just decide that it would be good to add? I suppose the one thing is that the majority of tampon advertising is targeted more at young girls who have probably never used a tampon before, rather than older women who are accustomed to the product. It still seems to me to be an odd "feature".

Then again, I can't hear the name of this product without thinking that somewhere someone still can't believe they got this name through the approval pipeline.

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