Thursday, October 12, 2006

:: adgruntie :: Get your Enviga

+ Drink this, lose weight?...apparently so. Actually more like boost metabolism. Looks like a new drink trend is in town. ;)
Rhona Applebaum, chief scientist for Coca-Cola Co., said that extensive scientific studies showed that three cans a day of the drink will burn a net average of 60 to 100 calories. The company conducted a double-blind, placebo study with Switzerland's University of Lausanne and referred to four other existing studies supporting the green-tea and caffeine claims. The companies didn't test the benefits of a single can, which, based on the three-can result would seem to have a negligible net calorie burn.

To set itself apart from the onslaught of silver-bullet diet products that Mr. Warner said are often "fat-based, overhyped and underdeliver," the marketers see Enviga as a way to "set the standard" on weight-management products. "When you look on the internet or made-for-TV statements that are out there, it is concerning to us that we make sure ... there isn't any magic bullet out there," said Ms. Applebaum.

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