Thursday, October 05, 2006

:: adgruntie :: Life gets in the way

+ Gah. Today I realized I haven't updated my portfolio site in ages. I also haven't updated my hard copy (tangible/real) porfolio in a bit either. It always seems that when things get and/or generally in life, the book is what gets left behind, sitting on a shelf getting dusty. It's really a bad thing.

The thing is, while I'm freelancing right now, I'm so crazy with work that I don't have time to update my book as I should for fulltime job opportunties...and yet, as that is really my main goal...I must get back on that.

Freelancing is great...but there is something to be said for steady paychecks and some consistency working with the same team(s) on a daily basis. Quite honestly when I have gone in for interviews for jobs and they ask me why I want a fulltime job it really makes me crazy. Is this question being asked because it's "on the list" of interview questions. Or is it because they figure if you're freelancing you'd never think about a fulltime job (then why the heck would I be there, sitting face to face with this person trying to impress them enough to offer me a job?). I don't get it.

I haven't even bothered looking for vacancies in the last, oh, 4-6 months probably. Not great. I must get back on the horse.

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