Monday, October 02, 2006

:: rant :: Failing at Customer Service

+ I have to take my car in for service...and some stuff that is covered under warantee...which means I have to go to a dealer. Thing is reading the reviews online of the area dealerships really freaks me out. At least half the reviews are about being swindled or cheated or plain poor service. And I have to wonder if a good percentage of the other half that are positive aren't planted by the dealerships. It's just depressing that there is no place in this state that has a good reputation for not overcharging or just plain poor customer service.

It's a shame really. Especially as customer service is so key to a service business. Any service business that cannot get its customer service act together really shouldn't remain in business for long. Although many people are afraid to say something it seems, or just don't bother. Sites like help to make a difference, but even then there are not always reviews all places someone would be looking for. In many cases this is where word of mouth is more valuable than say the Better Business Bureau or something. Speaking to friends, family and co-workers about their experiences with companies can provide valuable input towards decision-making.

And those companies who treat their customers like dirt should feel the impact. Although I do know of a few people who will go back to places that treat them poorly because of convenience or low price. But all that does is reinforce the poor customer service behavior. Consumers should make choices with their wallets. It's really the only way for businesses really "get it".

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