Friday, November 03, 2006

:: adgruntie:: Adverbatims

+ Adverbatims is absolutely hilarious! Go and laugh yourself silly. Here are some that got me laughing this morning. (via DesignObserver)

#153- "I like it, but I just don't think a multinational company should be doing ads in felt tip."
(Client, on first presentation of a line drawing concept scamp)

#128- "Make it wild but conservative!"
(Agency, Account Executive, to Art Director)

#119- "Can you change the word 'exquisite' on the ad? Words including the letter X are way too complicated."
(Client, Marketing Manager)

#113- "We need your help. According to what I understood from the client, we have to put subtitles on the radio spots. Is that doable?"
(Agency, Account Assistant)

#101- "Minimize, minimize!!! Don't keep that many windows opened, you’re going to break the computer!!!"
(Media, Team Coordinator)

#093- "It's a minor modification. We're just changing the content and layout of the whole website."
(Client, Marketing Manager)

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