Thursday, December 07, 2006

:: adgruntie :: Ad copy and landing page optimization

+ Tips from an open discussion session where users submitted their sites to get the Google ad copy critiqued and the landing page looked over for quality and usability.Tips included:
Keep important information towards the top of the landing page.
Be detailed and don’t just assume your visitors know your services.
Simpler the better.
Put simple URLs in ads.
Try sentence caps vs small caps.
Image quality on landing page matters. Make it look good.
Whitespace is good.
Bullet points give a great way for users to scan information. Long blocks are bad.
Should be easy and quick to digest the copy.
Always be sure you know, and your visitors now, the target of the ad. What’s the call to action?
Testimonials are good to put on landing pages.
Consider your ad output. How it looks on 2 lines vs 4 line ads.
Keep forms short. Get the lead info then call for more details.
Label required fields.
No pop-ups or pop-unders on landing pages.
Scrolling is ok, but make sure users know that there is more information below the fold.

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