Thursday, December 14, 2006

:: agruntie :: Lob those gifts

+ Yule Lob game created for Millets by DNX. Revolution Mag has some info on the campaign:
The aim of the viral campaign is to grow Millets opt-in database; already more than one third of players have entered the draw.

David Kohn, director of business development at Blacks, which owns the Millets brand, said, "Digital is making a big difference to our marketing effort and our online sales last week were well above our expectations. There is no question that our viral activity is positively impacting both our marketing success and our sales results."

Drew Nicholson, joint managing director of full-service agency DNX, which created the game, said: "We were asked by Blacks to be nimble and find new ways to get digital to make a bigger difference. We turned the game around in two weeks. It's fun to play and it has made a real difference at the most important time of the trading year."

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