Wednesday, January 17, 2007

KFed comes at you fast for Nationwide

+ Federline has signed on to appear in Nationwide's 2nd ever Super Bowl ad. Their first SB spot featured Fabio.
"No one has personified 'Life Comes at You Fast' in the media better than Kevin Federline," said Steven Schreibman, vice president of advertising and brand management for Nationwide. "We're using humor and a celebrity to get people's attention and cut through the clutter."
The 30-second spot will first be up on the Nationwide website Jan. 29 and it will also air during the third quarter of the Super Bowl on Feb. 4th.
In the ad, Federline is seen starring in a rap video, surrounded by beautiful women and expensive clothing, jewelry and cars. It then cuts to him working at a fast-food restaurant.

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