Saturday, January 13, 2007

One runner up in Dorito's Super Bowl ad

+ One of the runner's up for Dorito's consumer-generated Super Bowl ad is featured in this article. It tells how he came up with the idea, etc. The winning ad will air during the first commercial break after the opening kickoff. Here's the concept:
In the 30-second spot, a rock climber scaling a cliff takes a break to munch on some nacho cheese Doritos. He sets the chips down on a ledge and sits in his harness, but the bolt holding his rope in place begins to slip.

It abruptly falls out, and the climber lunges and grabs hold of a rock - incidentally, right next to the bag of chips. As his hand slips, and it dawns on the climber that he's moments away from falling, he grabs the bag of chips before slipping and falling to his apparent death.

As he falls, the climber - played by Cicon - spends his last moments munching frantically on the chips.

Right before hitting the ground, the ad cuts to the climber, nervous and sweating, waking from a dream. Relieved, the character lies back in bed and reaches for a bag of nacho-cheese Doritos on his nightstand.

"You're OK," he says as he looks at the chips, and stuffs a handful in his mouth.

The ad took 50 to 60 hours to produce and cost only $150, Cicon said. Originally, the climber fell to his death at the end of the commercial, but his wife felt that was too grim, and proposed the dream ending.

The article states he was "often so focused that he neglected family and work duties, Cicon worked sometimes 16-hour days for 10 weeks, submitting one Doritos ad per week." Cicon is one of the five finalists, winning a $10,000 prize and a free Super Bowl trip to Miami for him and his wife. Voters will be able to pick their favorite of the 5 online through Jan. 19.

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