Tuesday, February 06, 2007

AAAAs create guidelines for pitches

+ The 4A's have issued a white paper to help agencies retain the rights to the ideas presented during reviews.
The American Association of Advertising Agencies has issued best practices guidelines designed to help shops retain ownership of the ideas they present during account reviews.

"The agency search/new business process should not be used by marketers as a mechanism to generate a bank of ideas and materials," the organization said in a position paper issued this week.
"Advertising payment to agencies for participation should specify that payment is solely intended to offset agency cost of participation in the review and does not alter the agency's ownership of agency-developed presentation concepts and materials," the guidelines state. "In advance of conducting search meetings or presentations, the marketer and participating agencies should discuss how ownership, license or usage rights of agency-developed ideas, plans and work will be handled."
Read the AAAA paper here (will open a pdf)

I've sort of followed some developments around the world in terms of pitching fees over at Adland.
March 2004: Advertisers fear "cartel" in Oz
March 2005: Spec Sucks For Everyone
March 2006: Pitching Fees
Ok, that is really weird cowinkidink that they are all articles from March and about a year apart! hah!

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