Friday, March 09, 2007

Rachael Ray To Shill For Dunkin Donuts

+ Once upon a time I used to like Rachael Ray. She was cute and fun to watch. But now, her shows multiplylike frolicking rabbits and she's sticking all her fingers into the pie - books, magazine, talk show, etc - I feel like she's maxed out her welcome, for me at least. Last November her face popped up on every box of Ritz and Triscuts as she became the shill lady for Nabisco crackers.
I just read that she's now going to appear in the next ad campaign for Dunkin' Donuts. That news makes me want to bash my head against my desk. Damn you Hill Holliday!
Boston-based Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos - Dunkin Donut's long-time ad agency - will create the campaign which will include TV, print, radio, online, in-store marketing and personal appearances on behalf of the brand.

Besides starring in TV spots, Ray will also lend her culinary perspective to the Dunkin' Donuts culinary team in the development of new, healthier options for food and beverages.
Oh goodie - I hope that means they aren't going to try to sell Smoothies with massive amounts of sugar and try to pass it off as "healthy". Or coronary breakfast on a bagel - mmmm - but it's got maple sausage!

I have to say I won't be sad to see the last campaign go away though - the spots that featured quirky jingles about Dunkin' coffee, specialty drinks and snacks, by They Might be Giants. There were a couple good ones in the campaign and some really annoying ones and they aired ALL THE TIME! And I'm sure we'll get bombarded just as hard with this new campaign. woo.

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