Thursday, March 15, 2007

W+K uses stain in ads

+ The folks at W+K Portland have come up with some new stuff for Starbucks. The work uses the coffee cup stain, sorta like the logo I made for this place.

There's more information here. Looks like free coffee March 15th - oh wait that'd be today!- from 10-12...wonder if that's nationwide. Must be.
Anyway, the campaign includes outdoor, signage, wildpostings, newspaper, radio and OLA.

Those responsible for the work:
Creatives: Jen Nicolazzo, Sasha Swetschinski, Jed Alger, Danielle Flagg, Mattias Segerholt
Studio: Lisa Reinhardt, Mark Lundgren, Brian Unflat, Sef Mccullough, Lis Parker
Interactive: Bev Davis, Brian Unflat
Broadcast: Melanie Fedunok, Laurie Litonjua
Print Production: Denise Hanggi
Media: Lynn Mayo, Lisa Osborne, John Rowan, Danielle Pak
Project Management: Jane Monaghan

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