Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Cries of London

+ Today's VSL (Very Short List) email points out The Cries of London. Here's their take on it:
The Cries of London performs a remarkable act of alchemy on a bustling 17th-century English thoroughfare, transforming the city's bygone peddlers' shouts into soothing, strangely beautiful baroque music. While Fretwork, a string ensemble, plays the music of period composers, the vocalists from Theatre of Voices sing out the sales pitches of the day ("Chimneysweep!" "Fine white salt!"), creating a sonic combination that's as pleasurable as it is improbable.
Even if you're agnostic on the subject of classical music, The Cries of London could be a welcome escape from a chaotic, disharmonious day. And you'll never again hear a phrase like "I can kill vermin!" the same way.
You can listen to a sample here (windows media player needed).

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