Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Dice Kream

+ It's opening day for the Boston Red Sox. And of course what goes better with baseball and summer than ice cream? While stuck in traffic I was listening to the radio (I know...I'm old skool!) and one of the morning shows had the owner of JP Licks, a local ice cream company, on to promote their giving away a free scoop of ice cream or frozen yogurt today in honor of opening day. Freebies are going to be handed out from 11am to 4pm.

During the show they were talking about special flavors for the season and one which honors new Red Sox pitcher Dice Matsuzaka. It's called "rice DICE-Kream" and is short grained rice made into a rice pudding ice cream.

I got to work and while waiting for Outlook to crawl along updating my inbox I checked out some ad news and found that Brighams, another local ice cream place, has also created a new ice cream flavor..."Dice-Kream."
With more than 20 percent of name suggestions all bearing a version of "Dice-Kream," Brigham's judges held a drawing today to determine which fan should be credited for the winning entry. As the talented creator, Eric Tait of Lexington, Massachusetts, will receive a full baseball season's supply of the newly-renamed ice cream, a private tour of Brigham's factory, along with the ultimate baseball fans victory kit, including a Dice-K home jersey and a pair of cushioned seats for the stands. Perhaps even more priceless, the winning entrant will have his name appear on the new packaging, which will be available later this summer.

Though the ice cream will have a new name, the treasured ingredients will remain the same. Like "Reverse the Curse", "Dice-Kream" will feature Brigham's signature vanilla ice cream loaded with chocolate-covered peanuts or "baseballs," chocolate-covered caramel "bases," and swirls of Brigham's famous fudge sauce.
I still have to wonder if anyone is going to cause a fuss over the names being the same. You never know...

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