Monday, April 30, 2007

Right Said Fred in Daz advert - not too sexy

+ Back in December, I posted about Daz washing powder in the UK using Right Said Fred and a modified version from the one-hit wonder "I'm Too Sexy."

The spot has begun airing but apparently caused some rokus about being "too sexy". The Media Guardian says the ad has been cleared by the advertising watchdog after complaints that it was unsuitable for children.
In the ad, the band - clad in newly cleaned white T-shirts - perform their famous hit I'm Too Sexy, with the words amended to, "I'm too sexy for my whites, so sexy, so bright".

Singer Richard Fairbrass also moved his left hand down his chest towards his groin as he performed the reworked version of the 1991 number-two hit.

Five viewers complained, arguing that the ad was unsuitable for broadcast around children's television programmes, because of the use of the word "sexy" and the singer's "suggestive movements".

Some children were reported to have asked their parents what "sexy" meant.

In its ruling, the Advertising Standards Authority acknowledged parents' views that the ad was unsuitable to be shown around children's programmes, and agreed the singer's movements "could be considered to be mildly suggestive".

But the ASA also noted that the dancing of a female character watching the band in a pub "was humorous, not sexual".

"Young children who saw the ad were likely to respond to the humour, rather than viewing it in a sexual context," the ASA said.

"We understood that some parents may have felt uncomfortable explaining what 'sexy' meant, but we nevertheless concluded that the ad was suitable to be shown without a scheduling restriction."
Watch the advert here:

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