Thursday, April 26, 2007

This could be the best landing page ever!

+ brandflakesforbreakfast points to a post by usermonkey who clicked on a nicely designed WaMu banner ad and ended up at the landing page below. I LOVE this. Absolutely fantastic. This might be the best landing page I've ever far.

After you see the above, the block flips around to show more information. When you scroll over the various reasons, more copy "types" out underneath.

This is more great work for this brand. I have to say WaMu's advertising of late has been my favorite bank advertising by far. They aren't afraid to give their bank a human face and use humor well.

So often companies in the corporate world are afraid to take this route. It's refreshing and as darryl at brandflakesforbreakfast says "Acknowledging an ad campaign as an ad campaign takes the edge off the sell." From their tv spots to their interactive work, they definitely do have a nicely cohesive campaign that resonates and entertains while informing. Bravo!

UPDATE: I finally have the info for who is responisble for this work. Avenue A | Razorfish is doing the online creative for WaMu and copywriter Jenn's F-blog gives the inside scoop on the project as well as listing the different banner ads and other bits and pieces. Thanks for posting that Jenn!

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