Thursday, May 24, 2007

Cup of Java is now 5!

+ Scary, but yesterday Cup of Java marked it's 5th year of existence! I was going to post something about it yesterday, but work kinda got in the way. But, oh well, now is as good as on the exact day. :)

Thanks to all my regular readers for popping by. I'm glad you enjoy the bits and bobs I post about. It's weird, but it feels like I've been doing this longer than 5 years (I think that's because before I found blogger, I was using livejournal for a bit before I really got "into" blogging.) Thanks to Dabitch for her help and motivation back in the day. :) Good god, why does it sound like I'm giving an acceptance speach? Blech.

Anway, good readers of COJ, that is all. Thanks!

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