Thursday, May 10, 2007

iVillage wants you to "village"

+ Yesterday on adlist, Clay pointed out's tagline, "Let's Village". Since when is "village" a verb? And how exactly does one make it a verb? It seems like a quite obvious take on CP+B's "Let's Motor" for Mini. But it lacks the style and social intelligence of Mini's tag. Unless the women of iVillage have started their own lingo, which in that one extreme I suppose it would be less rediciulous - it still doesn't resonate with those outside the circle. And I'm sure people internally got all hot and bothered over the brilliance of their line.

It seems to me that it's an attempt to rally the troops that the site is a social network. And with the plethora of social network sites popping up (I've lost count of how many I belong to - and rarely ever visit most of them), I suppose I can understand that. But you'd think there is a better way to get that idea across rather than turning a noun into a verb in a way that makes no sense.

Just imagine taglines like:
Verizon - Let's Telephone
Dell - Let's Computer
GE - Let's Light
Burger King - Let's Burger
Stop & Shop - Let's Grocery
Comcast - Let's TV or Let's Internet
Swatch - Let's Time
Sealy - Let's Bed
Staples - Let's Office
H&M - Let's Clothes

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