Thursday, May 31, 2007

Morning Reading

+ Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Things have been a whirlwind.

Here's some interesting links to read:

In a joint letter to the FTC and the Justice Department, the 4A's and the ANA made it clear that marketplace restriction is one of the possible implications of the $11 billion wave of online advertising mergers and acquisitions.

Coors Leverages Dudes' Fear Of Embarrassment In Keystone Ads.
Online, Keystone Light is buying space on, where consumers will be able to post user-generated videos of embarrassing moments through Aug. 25.

In the new television spots, Keystone Light drinkers will be seen getting into unsmooth situations while trying to impress women in the beer aisle of a convenience store. The brand has also unveiled attention-grabbing billboards that appear to be posted upside down.

"Men in Grocery Stores" Study Finds Men Bamboozled By Choices In Supermarkets.
For marketers and retailers, Putnam thinks one of the main messages is that sometimes, "there are just too many choices. More is not really more--it's just overwhelming. Supermarkets that can do a better job of editing will be more engaging to men."

Quiznos looks for new shop after splitting with O&M Chicago.

Absolut Sad - new campaign for Absolut is dumb.

Under pressure from animal rights advocates, two soft drink giants, Coca-Cola and PepsiCo, have agreed to stop directly financing research that uses animals to test or develop their products, except where such testing is required by law. - Wow, I never thought of soda comapanies doing animal testing.

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