Saturday, June 09, 2007

Future of Online Advertising

+ Future of Interactive Advertising - Fast Company reports on the Future of Online Advertising Conference in New York. Some blips from the article/conference:
Advertisers see the Internet as an opportunity to create a more "gauging relationship;" it provides them with multiple options to develop a deep relationship with, and a richer understanding of, their consumers.
Chan Suh's prophecies [on what interactive advertising will look like in 20 years] were the most eloquent, although perhaps the most hopeful: he explained that the face of interactive advertising will change to become "an incredible dance partner, who knows when you are going to take a sudden step, knows when you're going to dip, and who knows what state of mind you're in based just on your behavior." His take on the future is that advertisers will be able to provide stories and ads based on what consumers want, and not just on what the clients want.
With the advance of Internet advertising will the TV become less important?

According to Hilmi Ozguc [with the advance of Internet advertising TV] will not [become less important]: he argued that television will continue to remain an extremely important medium, however the face of television will inevitably change, with internet TV coming to the forefront in a manner that blurs any and all boundaries that currently distinguish the internet as a separate platform.

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