Monday, June 18, 2007

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+Photoshop lasso tool cheat sheet.


Marketers, Meet the Millennial Generation - go here to get a password, etc to log in to read.

Cannes illustrates how ad industry is adapting.

Cannes Opens Door to the Internet World.
The newcomers hope to use the festival to preach the digital mantra. That includes lobbying long-established creative ad firms to embrace the Web. "You have to get the agencies who control at least two-thirds of the money that gets spent on digital to be real believers in your platform and your offering," says Mr. Mehdi at Microsoft.

Microsoft will also talk to marketers visiting the festival about the value of the Web in brand building, he says. Right now most marketers spend less than 10% of their overall marketing budget on the Internet, with traditional media such as television and print still dominating.

To reinforce its message, Microsoft -- in conjunction with Starcom MediaVest Group, a media buyer owned by Publicis Groupe -- will unveil a survey today about how young people use new technology to skip ads. The recent survey of 2,000 young adults, dubbed "Ad Avoiders," found that one in three avoids advertising. Devices such as digital video recorders make it easy for people to speed through TV commercials.

Traditional ad agencies also plan to use Cannes to boost their Web expertise. "My executive team from around the world...will be there scouting the digital talent" and looking for acquisitions, adds Bob Jeffrey, CEO of WPP Group's JWT.

"I am looking to recruit there heavily," says Tom Bedecarré, CEO of AKQA, a digital-ad shop in San Francisco. Mr. Bedecarré finds the setting a perfect place for digital recruiting because of the influx of talent from around the world. He points out that in the digital sector, U.S. agencies are increasingly looking to hire talent from different countries where some technologies have been embraced on a bigger scale.

Some ad executives say the digital hordes as well as the influx of marketing clients have, over time, changed the nature of the festival.

"Years ago when I went to Cannes it was a Hollywood kind of environment with creative people from all around the world; it felt like the Oscars," says JWT's Mr. Jeffrey. "The dynamics have changed."

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